Merton Electricians are the premier local electrician service in Merton, Wimbledon, Colliers Wood and Earlsfield. Our dedicated team of technically qualified electricians have over 10 years of experience doing a variety of electrical jobs in and around the area.

Why Choose Merton Electricians?

We realise there are lots of different electricians you can use around the local area, but we believe we offer great value for money.

We want you to be completely comfortable with your service, which is why we offer free, no obligation estimates for all our jobs. If we quote you a specific time-frame for a job, we will finish the job within that time-frame (barring unforeseeable events).

How much does a Merton electrician cost?

While we are completely open about our electrician’s prices once we estimate, it's almost impossible to give a number without knowing the job itself.

This is because when we do an estimate, we factor in the cost of the job itself, access to the job, whether it'll need any specialist electrician tools, how long an electrician will take, any secondary electrical work required (as with solar panel installation) and any reoccuring work (such as commercial PAT Electrical testing).

What we can say is our electrician rates are fair,we do not have any hidden costs and what we quote you is what you pay, that’s it! Also, our electricians’ hourly rate never includes the time taken to give you an estimate.

Want a FREE quote?

​We have Emergency Electricians in Merton

For those times when you need a 24 hour electrician in Merton, we always have at least one electrician on-call. If you ever need our help, make sure to give us a call to get straight through to one of our on-call emergency electricians, no matter what the time is!

Our 24/7 electricians can deal with any number of problems, from generator failure, to motor repair, heater repair to tripping circuits. We have a rapid response time and will aid you in any possible way we can.

Electrical Testing in Merton

Electrical testing is very important for new and old home owners or tenants, for a multitude of reasons. While the majority of electrical shocks are not lethal, they can be harmful for your health. In some cases there is a chance an electrical shock can be fatal.

The importance of knowing how safe the electrical wiring and plugs are in your house should be a focus for many home owners or tenants, and electrical testing should be initiated in every house and home, especially if you are a recent mover. Inspection and electrical testing is very important, and we provide that service for anyone in the Merton area, including Wimbledon, Epsom and the south London area.

All of our Merton electricians are very experienced in electrical testing, and each electrician will be available at a market-leading price. It is also a legal requirement for all properties to have an electrician test the electrical wiring and facilities. This is common practice for most property developers when inspecting properties, and our Merton electricians are usually called upon due to their cost effectiveness. Let one of our sparkys take care of things for you!

Electricians in Merton and surrounding areas

Our dedicated Merton electrician team can perform anything from PAT to electrical testing, and even plug sockets to hair dryer sockets. Our electricians do not work in just Merton, we are also available in surrounding areas such as Wimbledon, Epsom and Earlsfield.

Electrical safety is paramount to prevent anything from electrical fires to potentially fatal electrical shocks, our Merton electrician team understand that they will need to be called upon whenever and wherever necessary. Our electricians also live in the Merton area, which makes transportation to your front door as easy and quickly as possible.

Each electrician on our team is fully qualified, whether they've finished with an apprenticeship scheme, or studied for an NVQ Level 3 Diploma.

​Our electricians also perform specialist services (PAT testing, Solar Panel Installation etc.), only if they have a specialised qualification for it. This ensures every job Merton Electricians completes is done to the highest standard possible!

There are many common electrical issues that our electricians have encountered within the Merton area. If you believe any of these common electrical issues are present in your property, then you should contact our electricians for assistance.

The most common issue for our electricians in Merton are light bulb and fixture issues. Many times a property in Merton experiences light bulbs burning out at an alarming rate, which requires our electrician’s attention. The severity of this issue is dependent on whether it is property wide, or in specific fixtures. While our Merton electricians will examine all faulty fixtures, the easiest potential fix would be to buy bulbs which are ideal for your property (watt based, different plate, etc). When our electricians encounter bulbs which flicker or blink, the general consensus is a poor connection within the circuit. If this issue is property-wide, the electrical main wiring connection is more than likely the issue.

he two less common bulb and fixtures issues are lights cut out and work later on, and bulbs that run brighter than usual while others run dimmer. When our Merton electricians encounter such issues, the first is automatic safety cut out to keep the light bulb from overheating and popping, while the second could be caused by bad connections. The second can be severely destructive to your home and appliances.  Therefore, it is important to call an electrician to survey and inspect such fixtures, and our Merton electricians are very experienced in dealing with such issues.

Dead outlets are also an issue in Merton which our electricians are often called to inspect. Commonly, sets of outlets or lights can either die or shut off instantly. This is usually caused by a poor connection along the circuit, and must be inspected by a professional to be properly fixed. Other times, while one plug socket (outlet) would work with no issue, the other half of the socket (outlet) may either be dead, or works at times and is dead other times. This is an issue that can go unaddressed or even unrealised for a long period of time – even years – before those in the property are made aware. This could be an issue of over usage within a long period of time, or even an issue with the switch. Therefore, to correctly understand and solve this issue, you should call a member of our Merton electrician team to identify and correct these issues.

You should always call one of the Merton Electrician team if you experience electrical shocks from bulb fixtures or power outlets (plug sockets). If you experience shocks (usually a mild shock or a tingle when you are placing your hands on a socket or appliance) then there is a serious fault in one of those fixtures usually called by incorrect electrical wiring. While some customers who have called our Merton electrician team have not experienced severe or serious electrical shocks, all shocks should be treated with the utmost urgency and treated seriously. Therefore, we recommend calling one of our Merton Electrician team to inspect and correct these issues before they become worse.  ​

Home electrical work

We perform all kinds of residential electrical jobs, from thermostat wiring to electrical sockets installation, helping with landlord electrical certificates to lighting wiring:

  • Electrical testing
  • Light Switch Wiring
  • Thermostat wiring
  • Lighting wiring
  • Re-wiring
  • Electrical socket installation
  • Solar Panel Installation and wiring
  • LED lighting remodels
  • Garden Lighting (Solar, LED or Halogen)
  • Surveillance installation
  • Home cinema installation
  • House-wide speaker installation
  • Pool/Jacuzzi installation and repair
  • Electrical Shower installation
  • Home generator installation
  • Under-floor heating
  • Electrical Cooker repair
  • Earthing for water and gas
  • As well as many others. If you have it, we've heard of it!

We respect that we are in your own home when we do our jobs, so we are careful with our surroundings, clean up after all of our jobs, and make you feel safe with our friendly attitudes. We hire only qualified electricians so we are completely confident in our team's ability to take care of your electrical problems quickly, efficiently and with great value-for-money.

The importance of electrical safety in households

It is important for every tenant and home owner to understand that your house must be in a safe living condition and a good working order for all those living within the house. In a shared housing situation (anywhere from roommates to a large family) it is often taken for granted how much electric is being consumed and how extensive that usage is. For example, with electrical equipment consuming power extensively at the same time such as cooking appliances, computers, televisions and even lamps mean that the electrical systems in your home should not put you in any potential danger from over usage. Some customers even use a large amount of extension leads and double socketed plugs to use in the same sockets. There is a large energy usage consumption in doing so, and also weakens the currents and power supply within your household. What is often forgetting however, is the possibility of electrical fires that can be caused from such over usage. With all of the safety and cost implications that arise from not correctly testing your electrical wiring and systems, it is much cheaper and safer to call Merton Electricians and let us properly inspect and test your home to ensure that you no longer have to overspend on electrical repairs and outages, but also ensure yours and your families safety. Give us a call or fill in our contact form and Merton Electricians will give you a call as soon as possible.

Our certified electricians know how to rewire a house, so we're sure any kind of electrical problems you might have can be solved by our great team of sparkys! Anything you need, give us a call!

Commercial Electrical work

Not only do we look after homes, we have a commercial electrician team. They do electrical installation, electrical testing and electrical safety services on commercial premises. Here's a short list of our commercial electrical services:

  • PAT testing
  • PIR Lighting testing
  • Switchboard labels
  • Motor repair
  • Circuit tracing and identification
  • Generator maintenance and repair
  • Surge protection
  • Storefront re-wiring
  • Energy Efficiency consultations
  • Lighting Replacement
  • External Lighting Installation
  • Electrical Fault Finding
  • Security Alarm Installation
  • Scheduled Prevention visits
  • Anything else, get in touch and we're sure we can help!

We can set up a regular electrical contract with your business premises if you’d like, so that our electricians give your equipment regular inspection and testing. Our Electrician quotes will be cheaper if you set up a regular retainer, so if you know you will need us again in the future, get in touch with us for a discount!

We can also offer full premises inspection so that if you ever had an electrical safety inspection, your business will pass every code. We make sure that all electrical health and safety codes are checked, all electronic documentation is available and easy-to-access and all electrical circuits and wiring throughout the building is documented. We can also consult with you regarding best placement of fire extinguishers for electrical fires.

How can electrical testing benefit your business?

There are a few small and lesser known ways that electrical issues can cause your business to lose money and efficiency. Issues such as poor maintenance of your property, power surges within your property such as your offices and power spikes can all wear components in your electrical system down, and cause premature failure. The more electricity that your property needs to sustain itself, the higher the chance that these issues will arise. There is also a safety issue that is related to improper electrical maintenance and testing. The possibility of electrical fires being created in office structures are rising by the year, and putting your employees in a position to encounter such a serious risk is asking for serious legal and health issues. It would be beneficial in terms of cost and reputation to ensure that you correctly test your electrical systems and wiring. This is an electrician service that Merton Electricians take extremely seriously due to the health and safety impact and prevention electrical testing makes.

There are also a few cost-effective reasons that you should properly and professionally test your electrical systems and wiring. For example, without preventive electrical maintenance there is a chance you could be wasting anywhere from £500 – £2500 in electrical costs annually. Finding and eliminating these issues and spending very little to do so becomes the much smarter financial option. The potential power issues that can occur such as a loss of data or malfunction of computer equipment due to poor maintenance would also mean very important files and documents and potentially hundreds of working hours disappearing due to power loss also means you will lost thousands unnecessarily. Finally, the asset management aspect of proper electrical maintenance and testing is very important also. The average life expectancy of your electrical systems can be anywhere from 15 – 20 years, but with proper care and maintenance it could last to an average of 30 years instead. This means that you can plan for possible upgrades and extensions and also avoid emergency repairs while also stopping you from having to replace the whole system. Therefore, the cost saving aspect of proper maintenance and testing is very beneficial to businesses and property owners, and you should call Merton Electricians to reap these benefits.

Every one of our electricians (other than apprentices shadowing them) is fully qualified, certified and insured so that you can be safe in the knowledge all work they do is up to code, safe, efficient and among the best out there. Finally, we can also do a same day guaranteed service, though this comes at an extra price.

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If you’re not happy with the electrical quote, we’ll part on good terms and re-assure you that you can always call again. If you are happy with the electrician quote, we’ll organise a time that works best for you (such as in the evening when you’re home for a residential rewire), get the electrical service done efficiently and with minimum fuss and as little noise as possible.

One of our Merton Electrician team will then follow-up with you after a week and check the job was done to your satisfaction, ask if there’s anything we can improve on, and ask you for a review of our services!

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