One of the more common things that we are asked to install in residential and commercial properties in the Wimbledon, Merton, Epsom and surrounding areas are electrical wall heaters. This is a service that Merton Electrician encounters many times, and it is something that we provide in a cost-effective manner for you.

Electrical wall heaters for those who are not aware are new room additions which are installed to boost the heating within a property. These are usually installed in rooms that those who wish to install need to be warmer. They can be installed in bedrooms and bathrooms but can even be installed in rooms such as garages and for commercial properties in the offices which have the general workforce inside. These are usually cost-effective for a heating source but they are also user-friendly and are adaptable to fit anywhere. They require dedicated circuits and usually run on 120-240 volts, which wattage options that vary.

There are also different types of wall heaters for those who have not looked into the subject too much, but for those who are also unaware of the differences. There are:

Convection wall heaters: These types of wall heaters use a blower which will push out warmer air into the room for it to circulate. The heat within these wall heaters are generated through aeration, and overall are best fit for rooms such as basements and garages.

Radiant wall heaters: These types of wall heaters are best fit for smaller rooms, where you need to heat as quickly and efficiently as possible. Usually these will be fit on a wall within the room, with the heat directly transferred from a hot surface into the room and reflected around the room. It is best for residential rooms such as living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms.

Micathermic wall heaters: These types of wall heaters are best used to widespread warmth around the room. They use both radiated heat (heat from a hot surface) and using an air blower to spread that heat. They are best fit for rooms with a lot of people inside, such as an office workspace.

Just as there are different types of wall heaters, there are also different ways to install them too. It is best to request an electrician such as Merton Electricians to do so, as building codes will require electricians do so. But especially if you are in a commercial property, any possible mistake with the electrical wiring will be putting the employees into unnecessary danger. We will make sure to mount the electrical heaters onto a flat surface, and away from any possible hazardous or flammable materials such as plastics and timber. If you would prefer that we mount the electrical heaters within plain view for all of those who will be in the view that is entirely possible, but we believe that just for aesthetics sake it would be best to mount them somewhere which will be out of view and take up minimal space.

The truth is, the electrical wall heaters are simple to install, so for us at Merton Electricians we will ensure that the installation process will be as smooth as possible for you. But an electrical wall heater is also a very good thing for you to install in your property if it is generally chilly or cold within that property. For a very cost-effective price, your rooms will warm up very efficiently and quickly.

We will also make sure that you are aware just how you should maintain the wall heater that we install for you. Frankly, they are easy to maintain but we will make sure that you are aware how to do it for the best possible service and to ensure that you keep your heater maintained so it stays working its best. We will also ensure that the heater remains unobtrusive (unless you request otherwise). The only thing I would suggest you do is to buy the correct wall heater for you! If this is a service that you would like to be done for you, please do not hesitate to get into contact with us!

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