We always have at least one electrician on call for emergency situations. All of our emergency electricians are fully qualified and certified with the NICEIC, so you'll be in safe hands!

If you are looking for an emergency electrician within the Wimbledon, Merton and Epsom areas in London, then please do contact us. We are aware that many people experience emergencies connected to electronic devices and electrical wiring within their properties and are looking for someone to handle those emergencies as soon as possible. It can be a real scare when you see sparks from a plug socket or even the sight of smoke from an outlet or product that you are using, and we endeavour to sort out those issues for you as soon as possible. 

There are many issues that can arise that require emergency assistance from an Electrician, and quite frankly electrical safety is paramount. With these emergency issues, they put your property and those within the properties health at risk unnecessarily, and it becomes important to solve that issue as soon as possible. These issues can range from an electrical fire and smoke, to short circuits. However, sometimes they are not as dangerous but just as important to be solved. These can be anything from the fuse box having issues to the electrical cooker within the property not powering on. Sometimes, when discussing a commercial property, the main server room can cut out and there may even be issues with the computers within the commercial property. Whatever the issue, there is always a semblance of importance if you require an emergency electrician to help you. 

You should always make sure to call one of the Merton Electrician team when you experience electrical shocks from anything such as a lighting fixture or a power outlet. If you experience any shocks which usually cause just a tingle when placing your hand on an appliance or socket, then there is a serious fault. This may be caused by incorrect electrical wirings. Luckily, most of our team has not seen a customer experience a severe electrical shock, but that does not mean that they should not be treated with the utmost care and urgency. So call one of our team if you experience this in the future.

Since we know that many people may need a 24 hour electrician in Merton at any time, we will always ensure to have at least one electrician who will be on call to help. They can deal with a variety of problems as mentioned above, from help with an electrical cooker, generator failure or motor repair to a heater repair or tripping circuits. We also try to have as rapid a response time as possible, and will ensure that we can aid you in any way possible. So, if you ever need to give us a call because you need our help, then please do.

There is always electrical danger in your home that may become an emergency even if you are unaware of it. A lot of appliances that run on electricity within your home can easily be overused. This can be anything from your Television which you may inadvertently leave on throughout the night to an electrical cooker that you may forget to switch off. At times, there have even been issues with lamps beside the bed that become overused as you may forget to switch it off during the night or day before your leave your home for work. The issue with overusing these electrical appliances are the dangers that are faced. Some lamps have been known to explode when they have been over used for too long a time, and some televisions have in the past started an electrical fire from being overused too. While the simplest way to avoid these issues would be to ensure that you switch off all electrical appliances once you are finished using them, we know that sometimes you may forget to do so. Therefore, your safety can be put at risk. That is why we ensure to be there when you need an Emergency Electrician!

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