Home Cinema Installation in Merton is more common than you'd think! Many people are using their spare rooms or garages to create a home cinema for gatherings of friends to watch new movies, play video games or even watch big sports matches!

Why organise a trip to the cinema to watch something when you can watch it from the comfort of your own home, in your Pyjamas, with friends and your own cooking? You can watch whatever you like, pause it if you need to run out for a second and take total control of the screen!

Also, there's nothing quite like playing a Playstation in a home theatre!

We install home cinemas all over Merton

While you'll have to provide the seating, and organise the construction with other contractors, we can install all the lighting, all the wiring, speakers and of course the screen itself! We have a specialist team that performs our home cinema installations to get them done quickly, efficiently and to work with other contractors you may hire!

We'll consult with you about exactly what you want from your home cinema, which systems you'd need as well as the sound system you'd like to use and how powerful it should be. We'll connect everything so that there won't be any problems with syncing, will tailor the lighting exactly to your specifications to make sure it's exactly what you hoped for!

Home Cinemas are basically a projector - or extra large TV - connected up to an internet-enabled computer as well as any video game systems like an Xbox. We then install speakers throughout the room in a way that gives you great acoustics and sound depth while also being in sync with the video - barring any problems with the actual computer file.

​Finally we install mood lighting into the room in order to create the perfect atmosphere. We can have these attached to the computer system, or on a separate dimmer switch for you to take control of. We prefer to install LED lighting when we do this as they have a longer life than halogen, as well as being more energy efficient.

"What's the Home Cinema Installation Cost?"

The installation of a home cinema can range from £1.5k anywhere to £10k, however, this is very much dependant on what you want from the cinema room. If you want something good enough to play FIFA with your mates, or watch a bit of netflix, then you won't be putting too much aside for it.

However, if you want a home cinema good enough for 12 people, with odeon style sound, picture and lighting, you'll be looking at a much bigger price tag.

When we first consult with you about what you want from your home cinema room, we'll give you a good idea of what the cost will be for what you're thinking about and have a good discussion with you about how to compromise between what you can pay and what you'd like from the room.

"Do I need an extension to the house for a home cinema?"

Absolutely not! As long as you have a spare room, the room can be retro-fitted into a home-cinema room. Some families do this when their young ones move out into their own places, others use their garage when they build driveways to park cars in. All the garage would need is a bit of re-building and some sound-proofing and then the cinema is good to be installed!

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