House re-wiring in Merton is one of our longer and more expensive jobs. We are completely upfront about this as house re-wiring is a big commitment to take. In order to re-wire a house all the old wiring needs to be removed and new wiring put in place, as well as any extra sockets, lighting, switchboards and anything else that needs to be installed. It's a big job!

"How do I know if I need a house re-wire?"

House re-wires are normally needed every 25-30 years. This is due to wires getting old and fraying, not enough electrical sockets being available in the house and a few other reasons.

If your house hasn't been re-wired since 1984, then you most likely are in desperate need of a re-wire. This is due to the fact that before new government legislation was enacted then, most houses weren't earthed. This greatly increases the chance of an electric shock due to excess electricity in the circuit. Earthing a circuit allows the circuit to get rid of excess electricity through the ground and allow it to pass safely. You may have seen an earth wire when you've opened up a plug to change a fuse; it's the green and yellow wire.

Another common problem with old  house wiring is that some houses were using Aluminium wiring rather than Copper. Aluminium wiring is a very large fire hazard as Aluminium heats up to a much higher temperature than copper when electricity is running through it. It's often said that Aluminium is 55 times more likely to cause a house fire than copper wiring. If this Aluminium was running along some wood, it's very likely to scorch and burn the wood which could cause a fire.

"What can I gain from having a house re-wire?"

Not only does having a house re-wire give you peace of mind that the electricity you're using is being the most efficient it can be, your risk of fire hazard is lower and you'll be up to date on any government electrical safety legislation if you want to sell: You can also ask our electricians to install sockets for extra appliances when you get a house re-wire.

As house re-wiring requires us to remove all the old sockets and wiring, this is a good opportunity to make room for any extra electrical items in your home. If you've been using a 4-plug extension - which we don't recommend -, then now would be a good time to get a few extra sockets installed into that room. We normally recommend doubling-tripling your electrical socket number, depending on the room and the amount already in the house.

This also means if you've wanted to install an electric shaver bay in the bathroom, an electric instead of gas cooker in the kitchen, or even have the power for a computer in the spare bedroom that you want to turn into a study, this is the perfect time to let us know. All these extras will be included for a small fee as part of the service, so there won't be any hidden costs.

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