What is Part P?

Part P is a building regulation that took effect on 1st January 2005, put into place by the UK government. It was created in order to put in place standards for anyone carrying out electrical work in a property - residential or commercial - so that all persons are safe from risk of electrical shock or fires. All of our local electricians in Merton are registered under Part P schemes approved by the government, so rest assured you are in safe hands!

What electrical work does Part P cover?

The regulation covers any work that is in common parts of a building that serve one or more living apartments. It also affects any work carried out in a dwelling or attached to one, including the inside or outside of that dwelling. It covers any work taken inside a building that receives its energy from an electrical source within or shared with a lived dwelling. Finally it also covers work taken in a garden, lawns, or outside land associated with a building where the energy is from an electrical source located in or shared with a dwelling.

Part P does also cover any work carried out in outhouses, garages, sheds etc., work done on items on land like garden lights, and any electrical installations that don’t exceed 1000 Volts A.C.. Also covered is any work on existing electrics and installations, so any maintenance, repair, re-wire or replacement must follow these regulations.

So as you can see, it really affects most work carried out in places either frequented by people or those with people living inside the areas. This is due to the fact that these places are most at risk for electrical dangers.

What steps do I need to take before I can hire electricians to work in my home?

If the electrician you hire is registered under one of the Part P schemes approved by the government, then there’s no need for you to inform your local authority. Otherwise, it is best not to use the electrician as you cannot be sure that they will follow the regulations and if your local authority is informed the work doesn’t follow Part P standards, they may fine you and will remove or alter the work carried out by said electrician.

Luckily here at Merton electricians, our team of local electricians are registered under Part P, so if you hire us, you won’t need to worry about any of those problems!

Does Part P effect me if I’m doing DIY?

Part P also affects DIYers, not just commercial electricians, so if you are planning on doing any electrical work in your house, you must follow these regulations! If you are undertaking DIY electrical work, then you must inform the local authority if the work is major and includes one or more new circuits being replaced. However, none of the following jobs are notifiable to your local authority:


  • Placing mechanical protections or covers to existing installations
  • Replacing the enclosures for existing components
  • Installing equipotential bonding
  • Replacing cables for a single circuit if they are damaged
  • Replacing accessories like outlets, light bulbs, switches etc.
  • Any work outside of a kitchen


If your work does fall under Part P regulations you must inform the local authority of the work with a building notice and pay a building control fee.

We’d never recommend DIY for any jobs larger than a light bulb change or simple consumer goods battery or fuse replacement. Electricity is not something that can be done without thought or care as it can be very dangerous not just for you, but also any visitors to your home or business.

We would highly recommend getting in touch with us and letting our team of local electricians work on your electrics. We have years of combined experience with all kinds of electrical installation, upgrade and repair and are registered under the Part P scheme, so you’ll have no problems with your local authority no matter how large or small your job!

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