Solar Panel Installation in Merton is one of our specialities. We greatly encourage residents and commercial properties with the ability, to install solar panels. Not only do they save you money on your electricity bill, but if you fulfill certain requirements, the government will also pay you for generating electricity with solar panels!

"What exactly are solar panels?"

There'd be no good installing solar panels around Merton if we couldn't tell you anything about them!

The solar panels we install are Photovoltaic Solar Panels - Solar PV. These are made of layers of semi-conducting material which generates an electrical field between the layers when sun shines on it. This means the stronger the sunlight that shines onto the solar panel, the stronger the electrical field as more energy is being directed at the cell. The layers are normally made from Silicon due to a few different reasons.

Panels are made up of a number of different groups of cells that are placed together into a panel that is normally placed on the roof of your property. Though modules can also be used which stand on the ground or walls, though these are more expensive and generally not as efficient as roof-mounted.

The vast majority of solar panels are panels that you place on top of the roof to minimise disruption, though solar panels tiling can be installed, though it is expensive. Some new builds have solar panel tiling placed due to efficiency, rather than having to retrofit an existing roof for solar panel tiling.

Panel cells - and generally panels - are measured in kWp - Kilowatts Peak. This means how quickly it generatesenergy during its peak performance when there is direct sunlight in the Summer. It's important to bear in mind that this means this is the solar panel at its absolute best, most of the time it won't be generating energy at this rate!

"Should I install solar panels?"

You may be thinking "But we don't live in Miami!", however, Solar PV - Photovoltaic Solar Panels - doesn't need sunshine. They soak up the sun's energy even on overcast days where cloud completely covers the sun. This is because of the light frequencies that we can't see that still bath us during cloudy days.

The best place to install solar panels are on south-facing roofs as the sun shines on this direction for the longest time through the day here in Britain. And the further south you are, the more energy you generate. Solar Panels in Merton are especially useful as there isn't much build-up over 3 stories in the borough, which means your panels won't be blocked by many other buildings.

If you'd like to save money on your electricity bill, generate electricity for your own projects or even get paid by the government, then solar panels would be a great investment!

We don't recommend installing solar panels in order to increase the value of your home however, as some buyers don't like the fact they'll be locked into a feed-in contract after the house is sold and other buyers don't like the look of solar panels on a property.

"Do I need planning permission to install solar panels in Merton?"

It's very unlikely, the only times you will need planning permission is if your building has a flat roof or is listed or in a conserved area. If either of those are true, you will have to talk to the Merton council before asking us for a quote, as if your application is approved, there will be certain requirements our installers will have to abide by, which will change the price of installation.

"What do you need to install a solar panel?"

Firstly, any solar panels we install will meet Microgeneration Certification Scheme standards, as well as the electrician that installs the solar panels.

We'll send three to five people to your property - depending on the size of the job - in order to install the systems each with a different expertise. The solar panel installation will normally take one to three days. We'll let you know the time-frame once we've had a chat with you about the size of the installation, the type of roof, the type of tiles on the roof and a few other factors.

A couple of days before the solar panels are being installed, we will have to erect some scaffolding around the building in order to keep our electricians safe.

Once they are installed, we'll connect the solar panels to your electricity system through an inverter which will be placed wherever you decide during our consultation. Once everything's connected, we'll switch the system on, check to see if the system is performing as expected and if it is, then we'll finish up, tidy up, remove the scaffolding and start applying for your MCS licence!

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